Monsieur Spoon
Monsieur Spoon is a French Traditional Bakery in Bali.
The bakery emphasises the best of French culinary and cultural heritage. Our beautiful breads and pastries respect traditional French know-how and are made using high quality ingredients by local people under the direction of Rafi Papazian, pastry chef and Founder

Monsieur Spoon is where people come to experience flaky, piping hot croissants straight from the oven alongside the smell of freshly-ground home blend coffee.

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    Morbi nunc odi
    Kids Baking Class
    We happily organise Baking Classes for Kids every month in Bali
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    Brunch in the Garden
    Brunch in the Garden
    Every month, Monsieur Spoon organizes a brunch in Canggu or Ubud! Stay tuned! All infos on facebook!
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    Morbi nunc odi
    Ubud Food Festival 2016
    Come join us at the Ubud Food Festival! 27-29 June 2016
    More info:
Made By Passion

I am Rafi Papazian, Pastry chef and Entrepreneur.
I have founded Monsieur Spoon by Love of my pastries and Bali. This whole experience started when I was a pastry chef in France since 2008, and have founded a pastry youtube channel which became very successful in France, it is called "inratable" . Autodidact, I realised that I am now ready to have my own bakery, which was my dream!

It will be in Asia, but where? I toured for 4months and when I had landed in Bali, this was it, a spritual island with beautiful people, artisans like me, taking time to make beautiful things, whom inspired me a lot: the first 2 years here I learned happiness from them and they learn baking from me. Monsieur Spoon is a fantastic human experience. Balinese knows how to be happy and for a Western guy, that's something inspiring! Back to the Bakery: While touring in Asia, I realised It seems very hard to get the proper Taste with the local conditions (weather, ingredients) but I was confident I could do it, so I had rented a small place in Bali, jl Umalas, which is now one of my 4 shops! where I had established my own kitchen, I have started to make Birthday and Wedding cakes and sold them very quickly with so much excitment and so many good feedbacks. After a couple of months I got the same feedback with my Croissants, Chocolatines and Apple Chausons. The neighbors started to discover the place which again, was just a kitchen! The experience was also exciting for my Cousin Greg who moved in with his 3 kids and wife! He devlopped the b2b and the marketing of the company.

I am the director and executive chef of Monsieur Spoon.​ I am most of time in my canggu shop, mostly early morning. So pop up and say hello! 

Feel free to discover our menu here .

Our best sellers are:

  • Our Viennoiseries, French Croissant, Chocolatine and Almond Croissant.
  • Our Pastries: Lemon Tart Meringue, but chocolate cakes, Raspberry almond cake, eclairs and so on! See the gallery photos here !
  • Our Macarons made with natural color food and ingredients!
  • We are also well known for the atmosphere in our shops with even gardens to chill out in Canggu and Ubud, so come check it out!